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Commercial Moving

Relocating your office? Well you came to the right place. Avi Moving and Trucking, Inc. is one of New York City’s best and most reputable companies to take care of your commercial and office relocation needs.

At Avi Moving and Trucking we offer our commercial client’s inclusive, elite solutions to their moving and commercial storage needs.
Avi Moving and Trucking offers complete office relocation services, with each move tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. If you are in development of office relocation, consider that we come highly recommended and we guarantee satisfaction!

That’s because, our company is one of few companies in New York City that offers our customers such unique customer service with reliable and competitive prices. No matter how large the move is or how small, when it comes to our customer’s happiness and expectations, we always get the job done.

Tips for finding a good NYC Moving company to do your office relocation

The following recommendations are a necessary part of acquiring a moving estimate-

  • Always get a reliable recommendation for all of the companies that you will receive an estimate from. A recommendation from a company via your office is always a good start.

  • Get at least 4 estimates before deciding which company you want to relocate your office or do your commercial move.

  • Comparing the companies you get the estimates from is always a good idea.

  • Expect that any estimate you have obtained from moving companies will be near to the range of the actual moving costs.



How do I get an estimate?

You can always-

  1. Go to our “Get an Estimate” section and complete the online quote form for a rough estimate online.

  2. You can call our office and speak with one of our professional estimators or,

  3. Request on appointment for one of our specialists to come to your office(s) for an onsite estimate. This will enable us to obtain a more detailed and accurate estimate, for the customer.

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What kind of estimate should I receive from the moving company?

There are two types of estimates for office relocations or commercial relocations that you can obtain:

  1. Non-Binding Estimate- This is the final cost for the move, which is based on the amount of hours and any materials used for the moving job.

  2. Binding Estimate- This is a flat, capped or written guarantee price that the move will not exceed the amount given.

A non-binding estimate is usually helpful for many reasons:

  • When you are unsure of how much you will be moving and if you will be in need of any additional packing.

  • You may even have unusual requests for the move, have more than one delivery location, need handling of fragile equipment, fine art and more. Moving companies are more appreciated when they perform appropriately & accurately and do not speed through the move.

  • Also, you might not have the elevator in your building available for when you need it or they may be an obstruction in the building that will slow down the moving process.

  • And if your building doesn’t have an elevator and is a walk up and walk down, it takes longer to move the items.

A binding estimate is preferred for this reason:

  • If you have a certain budget for your move and looking for something more affordable, then you might try and ask the moving company if they can give you a flat price. This helps when people whom are moving for the first time and are unfamiliar with the moving process.

All of Avi Moving & Trucking binding estimates come from our professional moving estimators. Once they generate a price, they will settle with you on a cost that will not exceed the hourly amount quoted originally. Once you are given a binding estimate (flat price) this is what you will pay, no matter what occurs.

If you do receive a binding estimate, you have been able to give our representatives the following information:

  1. Detailed inventory list with requirements and moving preferences.

  2. If moving from an elevator building, the elevator and any requirements necessary for that building must be available.

  3. Packing, tagging, assembly, disassembly and any other services required by the moving company must be confirmed and included in writing, on the estimate.

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do I know that I need to check on my buildings availability?

Very often buildings need a notice that you will be vacating the premises. If you live in an elevator building where there is a lot of traffic, you might need to reserve an elevator time for your move day. You also might need something called a “Certificate of Insurance”.

A “Certificate of Insurance” is something that your building or your buildings management company requires from the moving company to allow the moving company to move the client in or out of they’re homes. You can simply contact your building management, superintendent or concierge and find out if this is needed. If, so, all you have to do is contact us, with the name of the building management contact along with their phone number and we will take care of everything!

Certificate of Insurance Request

Insurance and Valuation coverage Information

Once you know that everything is confirmed, you have gotten all necessary requirements taken care of and you are ready to move, contact our office and we will assist you in booking a moving date.

Our customer service representatives and moving estimators are trained and reliable and are available 7 days a week to assist you!

Call us at our office at (718) 361-2878 or contact us through our toll free number
at (800) 362-2070. Please fax your Certificate Requests to our offices fax number, which is (718) 361-2193, and our representatives will take care everything for you. Please remember to put your name, phone number and the date of your move on the fax so we can identify where the request is coming from.

We look forward to moving your office(s) in the future!

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