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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What hours and days are you open or closed?
A: Avi Moving is ready to serve you 24 hours, 7 days a week, with no additional charges for nights, weekends or holidays. We’re here to move you when ever and where ever!

Q: What other services do you provide?
A: Besides attending to the moving needs of our customers, Avi Moving provides self storage services and merchandise essential to successful moving or storing.

Q: How is the price of a move determined?
A: This is to be determined by the amount of property that is desired to be moved, the distance involved, and the amount of labor that is required. Avi Moving will always provide customers with the best and most comfortable prices possible.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: At Avi Moving all forms of payments are acceptable. We welcome all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

Q: Are deposits required?
A: For all moves, local and long distant, there is the minimum requirement of 50% of the total balance due.

Q: When is payment due for a move?
A: Customers of Avi Moving are allowed to pay a deposit before the move and complete the balance after the move, or they can pay the total price before the move. No deposits are required in order to move, but we suggest a 50% payment in advance to ensure your secure date to move. For customers who choose to pay this minimum and then pay the rest of the amount after the move: cash, cashier’s check or money order are the only acceptable forms of payment for the delivery. When paying by credit card, the card and cardholder must either be present or send an authorization letter with an original signature and a copy of a photo I.D., allowing the moving company to charge the credit card for the payment of the moving. Credit card payments are not accepted over the phone.

Q: Are there any additional charges that can come about during the moving process?
A: It is important for your foreman on your move to be aware of anything that might distract the delivery. This includes: narrow/dirt/poorly paved roads, bridges or anything that might prevent a tractor-trailer from pulling up in front of the delivery destination. There may also be difficulty with long carriers (over 75 ft. from where the truck is parking and the door, to the destination) or difficult delivery conditions. These obstacles may increase the cost of the customers move. Some additional charges that may acquire on a long-distance move, as an example are: cost of fuel and worker’s compensation (which varies from state-to-state).

Q: How does the moving process work?
A: At Avi Moving the first step of the moving process is an estimate. All of our moving clients are given estimates in order to determine all fees involved with your move. After the estimate is given and both parties agree on a price for your move, a moving date is booked. The next step, done by the customers, or the movers, is the packing. All items scheduled to be moved must be packed prior to the arrival of the movers. The last and final step is the loading at the departure location and then the unloading at the final destination.

Q: What is the best way to pack my belongings?
A: Customers should pack the desired items prior to the arrival of the movers. All large items, that are able to be taken apart, should be dismantled in order to create more space for the other property in the truck and to make the actual moving as simple as possible. Customers should pack their belongings according to weight and delicacy, and label all of the packed items accordingly. Do not pack anything that can possibly damage other items.

Q: Is it possible to add to my inventory after booking a move?
A: Clients are not restricted in regards to additions to their moving load. However, the original charge of the move will increase with the addition to the inventory.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: Should a customer cancel on the day of the move, then there will be a denied refund of the deposit and the charge of a three hour minimum moving fee.

Q: What defines a local or long distance move?
A: Moving long distance is definitely NOT the same as moving local. There are a lot more choices and preparations that have to be made in reference to a long distance move. Along with that, due to the increase in distance there are fee increases. Local moves are located within the Tri-Stare area, while long distant moves are outside of this region.

Q: How should a customer prepare for an estimate?
A: When preparing for an estimate all items, that are to be moved, should be present in order for a correct estimate.

Q: Are there any specific items that should not be moved?
A: Customers should not pack anything that could possibly damage other items. For safety reasons and damage control, anything flammable or moist should not be packed with the customers’ belongings.

Q: Is there a maximum and minimum amount of items that can be moved?
A: Clients are not restricted in regards to maximum or minimum quantities for their move. However, you should inform us of all the items that are scheduled to be moved in order for us to give the best accurate price. Clients are not restricted in regards to maximum or minimum quantities for their move. However, you should inform us of all the items that are scheduled to be moved in order for us to give the best accurate price.

Q: Is there customer protection for misplaced or broken items?
A: Avi Moving offers customers Valuation/Insurance. This is a basic fee to cover your belongings in case of any damage that occurs during your move. Although, we ensure the very best care will be taken when handling your valuables, accidental damage is a situation that may occur given the nature of the moving business.

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