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Moving Long Distance?


If you are in need of a long-distance or an inter-state move, then Avi Moving and Trucking is the best company to take care of the job for you!

So, you are ready to move and you have to think and plan so much. There is just too much to do and you know you need help. To transport your items yourself is no easy task. It could be the biggest nightmare, especially if you decide to go with a moving company that isn’t familiar with long-distance moving and is not a reliable source. Our professional estimators deal with our customers needs for their long-distance moves from start to finish.

At Avi Moving & Trucking, Inc. we come highly recommended and we are one of New York City’s most respectable companies. Our companies’ business approach increases the communication between the company and the customer. If you want a company that is going to treat your items as there own and show you the customer that your business is very appreciated, then you came to the right place!


> Breakdown of charges for long distance moving:

Tips and facts for long distance moving:

> Payment Options:


Breakdown of charges for long distance moving:

Avi Moving & Trucking, Inc. always tries to offer our customers the best cost for their move. We offer a guaranteed pick-up date and provide a specific time-frame for your items to be delivered.

Mainly all Long-Distance moving companies base their costs on the following fundamental areas:

  • Weight of your items - Unlike local moving, long-distance charges are generally based on the cubic volume (“cubic feet”) and the weight of the goods being transported. Once the movers complete the loading of the items they will weigh everything to obtain the weight of the items or they will add-up the amount of cubic feet for each item. We at Avi Moving & Trucking, Inc., base our long-distance moves solely on the cubic feet of the items.

  • Distance - Depending on the distance of the move, the cubic feet rates vary from $3.00-$6.50. Based on the inventory provided by the customer, our long-distance specialists will determine the cubic feet and the total cost for the transporting of the customers shipment. Sometimes, a moving specialist may even offer a discounted rate to the customer if the start or the end point of the move is a place in which the moving company ships to on a regular basis.

  • Packing Materials - Any and all packing materials and boxes used for the customer’s items are charged based on our price list on the billing of lading. If the customer has packed and wrapped and is ready to move, the cost of materials will not be incurred as an additional expense. If there is an event in which marble tops or glass products requires wrapping or cardboard crating, the foreman of the move will advise the customer of the cost and will handle the wrapping or crating of the items. Avi Moving & Trucking only charges our clients for actual materials used for their move. A customer may put delicates, clothing and other household beddings in plastic bags, but placing these items in boxes is better for transporting items long distance. Avi Moving & Trucking will not be responsible for all loose items, including televisions, electronics, lamps, pictures and mirrors that have not been boxed safely and our company will not carry these items loose.

  • Valuation/Insurance - This is a basic fee to cover your belongings in case of any damage that occurs during your move. Although, we ensure the very best care will be taken when handling your valuables, accidental damage is a situation that may occur given the nature of the moving business. We encourage you to visit our insurance/valuation section in our moving, residential and commercial moving sections to find out about coverage.

  • Additional Charges/Services - It is important for your foreman on your move to be aware of anything that might distract the delivery. This includes: narrow/dirt/poorly paved roads, bridges or anything that might prevent a tractor-trailer from pulling up in front of the delivery destination. There may also be difficulty with long carriers (over 75 ft. from where the truck is parking and the door, to the destination) or difficult delivery conditions. These obstacles may increase the cost of the customers move. Any other condition or anything that may interfere with “front door” or “front entrance” delivery, please bring any concerns and information to the attention of the foreman on the move. Some additional charges that may acquire on a long-distance move, as an example are: cost of fuel and worker’s compensation (which varies from state-to-state).

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Tips and facts for long distance moving:

Here are a few suggestions to ensure a good long-distance moving experience:

  1. If a customer would like to obtain a proper estimate, than make sure that all additional services required, insurance requested and extra charges are added to the estimate. This helps to compare with other moving companies estimates. At Avi Moving & Trucking, we do not have any hidden charges. We are upfront with all details and pricing prior to booking a move with our company.

  2. Other companies will price their long-distance moving by the weight of the shipment (including the weight of the truck). This option is very possible to conclude a proper estimated price for the shipment. But, by using the “cubic feet” to calculate the total of each item, it benefits in the moving costs. The price may exceed more than what the customer intended to pay by weighing the shipment then it would to charge the based on the cubic feet.

  3. Every potential customer should feel free to obtaining a reliable recommendation through objective sources. By looking into such places as the Better Business Bureau, anyone can get information regarding the companies they have obtained estimates from.

  4. Of course, asking a co-worker or friend to recommend a company is always a plus. Avi Moving & Trucking is proud to say that a large percent of our new customers come from satisfied past customers.

  5. Always expect estimates to be within an area of the price from each other. Avi Moving & Trucking, Inc. always within 10% of the actual cost of the completed move.

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Payment options:

When moving long-distance, the payments are different then from local area moving. There is a minimum payment of 50% of the total cost of the move, upon the pickup of the shipment. The remaining 50% of the balance should be paid upon delivery of the items. We accept cash, cashier’s check, money orders, Visa, MasterCard and American Express upon the pickup of the items. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted upon the delivery of the shipment. Cash, cashier’s check or money order is the only acceptable forms of payment for the delivery. If a customer requests to be charged for the full amount via credit card, the entire amount must be paid upon pickup. When paying by credit card, the card and cardholder must either be present or send an authorization letter with an original signature and a copy of a photo I.D., allowing the moving company to charge the credit card for the payment of the moving. Credit card payments are not accepted over the phone.

Moving long distance is definitely NOT the same as moving local. There are always other choices and preparations that have to be made before making that big move. At Avi Moving & Trucking, we like to make those choices and preparations a bit easier for the customer. We leave room for the customer to pay more attention to the personal details of their move and to be more relaxed and enthusiastic for their upcoming relocation.

We look forward to being the moving company of your choice to move your life’s assets, to your new home in the future! We are ready to serve you 24 hours, 7 days a week, with no additional charges for nights, weekends or holidays!

Call us at  (718) 361-2878 or toll free (800) 362-2070.

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