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Tips & Facts for Moving


When moving becomes to stressful and the preparation time has become to be too much, Avi Moving and Trucking, Inc. can assist in alleviating the anxiety, prevent any damages and keep your costs down. If you have selected our company to be your movers, than you are on a path to a great move. We believe that a customer who is enlightened to all details is a customer that has an advantage. Avi Moving and Trucking makes it a point to give customers the “complete outlook” to their moving experience. We don’t like or anticipate surprises on moving day, and the customer shouldn’t expect this either.
Avi Moving & Trucking can help to plan a customer’s move- from getting any and all packing materials needed to reserving the elevator in your building or in your new building, packing personal documents and other assets to packing the family china. Moving is really a matter of order and planning the move in advance.

 Choosing Avi Moving for your moving needs puts customers on the path to a great move. Avi Moving and Trucking, Inc. can assist in alleviating the anxiety, prevent any damages and keep your costs down during you moving process. We believe that a customer who is enlightened to all details is a customer that has an advantage. Avi Moving and Trucking makes it a point to give customers the “complete outlook” before the start of their moving experience. Here are some helpful tips to get your moving process started on the right foot:

  • After booking your moving date, begin packing. Advance packing creates a more organized situation for the customer and the movers. If packed ahead, customers have enough time to make sure that all items are present and packed properly, this way the movers begin the moving right away.
  • The packing process can also be very difficult. A lot of precautions should be taken when packing. Customers should break down ALL large articles. Remember when dismantling objects to keep all pieces together to prevent loss. Also, place the appropriate security wrapping for all fragile and delicate items to prevent breaking and scarring, and label all items accordingly.
  • It is important that the movers are able to have access to the items and actually be able to remove from the location.
  • A very helpful tip is that customers should not be afraid to instruct the movers or ask questions. After all, it is your items being moved. Avi Moving is just here to assist.


Here are a few truthful steps to answering a customer’s question, like:

> How long in advance should I start to pack my belongings?

> What items should I pack and move myself?

> What items should Avi Moving and Trucking pack and move?

> Is there anything else that I should be doing to prepare for my move?

> What if I need to store some items for a while, can the moving company provide me with this option?


How long in advance should I start to pack my belongings?

Planning in advance is always a plus for the customer and the moving company. It makes the moving experience more manageable. By creating an inventory list of the items being moved before a decision is made on what exactly is being moved, is a good suggestion to get started with the planning and organizing of your move.

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What items should I pack and move myself?

Avi moving and Trucking suggests that any personal assets and fragile items that are precious to you and your family should be packed and moved by the customer themselves. Going through your items gives you the chance to make a complete inventory of your items. You should always prepare and inventory list of the items that you own, to keep your valuables organized.

  • Money, jewelry, important papers, perishable items and flammable materials should not be packed. These items should either be moved by the client or pertaining to the flammable items, they can be disposed of or moved by the customer.

  • Moving is a great opportunity to go through your items and get rid of unwanted items such as old clothes, magazines, unused toys, dishes, etc. Leaving these items behind or dispersing of them save you time and money, as well as providing you with a new beginning in your new home. You know what they say, “out with the old, in with the new”.

  • Making lists and notes of everything that will be moved and assigning values for insurance purposes is beneficial to the customer. Items that are hard to replace should be moved by the customer or shipped to the customer’s new home by certified or insured mail.

  • Keeping a list of items that may be required once you move into your new home is a good idea. This way you can pack these thing’s in a suitcase or an “assets” box.

  • Making a list for the movers is an essential part of the move. Prior to your moving date you can provide the moving with this list of services that may be required such as: the items you want the moving company to move, packing materials needed, items that should be packed or unpacked, items that need to dismantled and reassembled and any handling of pianos, antiques, crating services, etc.

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What items should Avi Moving and Trucking pack and move?

  • All loose items should be placed in either boxes or bags (depending on the item).

  • Heavy items, such as, books, should be put into small boxes. Lighter items, such as linens, may be put into bigger boxes.

  • Fragile items such as dishes and glassware should be placed into a box that is cushioned on the bottom. Wrap each item individually using packing paper, bubble wrap or newspaper. Make sure that the items are not touching each other and mark the box as “fragile”.

  • Any side tables, small cabinets, small dressers or other small storage cabinets can remain full only if they are packed with light items such as clothing or bedding.

  • Any larger tables, cabinets, dressers, desks or antique cabinets must be emptied before moving.

  • If you have computers and electronics, you should unplug and mark them to ensure easy reconnection of the items. These items should be packed in a heavy duty box with materials to cushion it such as, bubble wrap or paper pads. Any open spaces on the box should be sealed so that nothing can get inside. All appliances must be unplugged before the movers arrive. They will not unplug any appliances for the customer; this is not the moving companies responsibility to unplug these items.

  • Statues and artwork should be placed into a box marked as “fragile”. Any smaller artwork or paintings should be put into picture boxes or crated.

  • Lamps and light fixtures should have the shades, bulbs and bases for these items removed before packing. Once these items are placed into a box mark the box as “fragile”.

  • Most importantly, all boxes should be marked and/or labeled with the correct room that it will be placed in. If there are fragile items in the box, you must mark and/or label the boxes “fragile”.

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Is there anything else that I should be doing to prepare for my move?

Once you have completed and inventory list of items that will be moving and you are not going to be packing yourself, you should provide the list to Avi Moving and Trucking. This will be the items that you would like the moving company to pack and/or wrap for your move. If you have decided to pack your own belongings, then you have to provide the moving company with the list for inventory purposes only. Otherwise, this list will be used for your packing and wrapping purposes.

Here are a few tips and facts on what the moving company might pack for your move:

  • If you have packed your items already, than the moving company are not responsible for the boxes contents. They cannot verify the contents of what is inside the boxes. They will only move them; they are not going to be responsible for the list of what you have put inside them.

  • Electronics, televisions, audio/visual/stereo equipment and computers are suggested to be wrapped by the moving company. If you have already packed these items, make sure they are packed correctly and labeled. If the moving company packs these items, they provide the materials required to pack and wrap these items. You can purchase any and all materials from the foreman on the move.

  • Framed pictures, paintings, statues, mirrors, etc. of the larger nature, should be packed by our moving professionals. Crating and any special services required for these items will be completed upon request. Smaller pictures framed or personal can be easier to pack if done by the client. Smaller fragile items should be wrapped in white paper or bubble wrap and packed in a china box, placing bubble or crumbled paper in the open spaces inside the box. This is good for padding and the items from touching each other and becoming damaged.

  • Dressers, cabinets, closets, desks and any heavy or large storage furniture should be emptied out prior to the move. Wardrobe boxes are available for purchase through the foreman on the move to put any clothing inside. As well as linen boxes to pack any bedding to be moved.

  • Books, c.d.’s, records and personal files will be packed into smaller boxes. We suggest that he client packs these items, but the moving company can take care of these items as well.

Once the move is complete, make sure to sign on the moving contract that all items specified on your inventory list has been packed and moved accordingly. Signing on the contract helps if there are damages to items and you need to make a claim file for your records. It is your responsibility as the customer, to check the items once delivered for any damage. If damage is discovered, you must record this on the inventory sheet and the contract with the foreman of the move. Once you have signed on the contract that your items have been delivered, the foreman will give you a copy of the contract as a receipt for your valuables.

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What if I need to store some items for a while, can the moving company provide me with this option?

When preparing to move, the most minor of details go unnoticed. These minor details can turn out to be a major disruption in the moving process. We can offer you a little advice to remembering the small thing’s of your moving process.

Always remember to:

  • Cancel the delivery of your daily newspaper.

  • Disconnect your cable and phone line and have them transferred to your new residence.

  • Collect all important papers and documentation such as, medical records, passports, social security cards, etc.

  • Forward all of your mail to your new residence.

  • Return library books, videotapes and borrowed sugar bowls to your neighbor.

  • Defrost your refrigerator and unplug all appliances for the moving day.

  • Pack your suitcases and personal items.

  • Transfer banks and schools if necessary.

  • Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

  • Contact your building management weeks in advance, if necessary, and schedule a moving day.

  • Contact the moving company to schedule your move, weeks in advance.

  • Call your airline, if moving long distance, to confirm you and your families travel arrangements.

  • And much, much more.

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In all perfect moving cases, the reality is that all of the customer’s belongings will be delivered to their new residence from their old residence, in one day and no more. Very often the case is that a client has to store their items for a few days, a few months or more. This might be because their residence is not ready to move into, they might not have space for a lot of the items they are moving into their new residence, etc. Avi Moving and Trucking has 4 Metro area self-storage locations to fit these needs. Storage Plus, our storage facility, is staffed with courteous and experienced storage professionals that will take care of all of our customers needs. We are open 7 days a week with modern facilities and 24 hour state-of-the-art security.

Our Storage Plus customer service professionals will help customers in deciding what they will need to store and the perfect size room they will need. All of our facilities are safe and clean. Our customers can rest assured that their items will be in good care until they decide when they ready for them to move the items out.

Feel free to visit our website at

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On your moving day the only thing that you should have to worry about is waking up on time to let the movers into your home to move your items. If you have any questions regarding your move, please speak to the foreman on the job. He is the person that provides you with anything that you may require or need for your moving purposes.

Once the move is completed you can unpack and get adjusted to your new home. We at Avi Moving and Trucking wish you all the luck on your new endeavor and hope nothing but good thing’s to come to you and your family.

If you choose to move with Avi Moving & Storage, Inc. we are confident that our moving professionals and our exceptional moving estimators will do their best to ensure you a trouble-free move.

Please send us a testimonial or recommendation letter via email or regular postal service describing your experience. We hope we will satisfy your moving needs & we thank you for your business!

Call us at  (718) 361-2878 or toll free (800) 362-2070.

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